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Contextual Ad Server

Relevance is essential in advertising. Advertisers are interested to provide significant ads for consumers, and consumers enjoy seeing ads during their web surfing experience for products and services that are of interest to them.

Softure developed the technology to bring contextual relevance online. Our Contextual Ad Server includes more targeting features than any other large contextual network developed before. The new server works with image and Flash ads, as well as with plain text ads.

While surfing a website that uses our Contextual Ad Server the consumer receives ads, deals, special offers and/or text links that relate to the content of the page he or she is viewing at that moment.

How does it work?

Our Contextual Ad Server matches ads with targeted content in real time. Advertisers can choose to activate ads by Search Keywords, Page Context, and/or Page Keywords, bidding separately on each type of contextual targeting. Ads can be: Text ad, Image ad, Flash ad and 3rd party served ad.

An accurate match is very important in contextual advertising and our technology uses context to identify the most accurate keywords and thus providing the most relevant match between the ad and the specific web page.