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Private label software. Your brand. Your success.

The Internet is dominated by brand services. Don't overlook this opportunity to market your own brand to the audience you need most: the advertisers!

Softure's Ad Server is easy to customize within days. Get the same look, feel, and brand attributes as your current online consumer-oriented services.

Work-flow and control access rights

Softure Ad Server follows standard organizational roles found in large publishers and media networks. It has a clear separation between media, trafficking and reporting and with its numerous control access rights almost any role within the organization can be created.

Accounts for advertisers, agencies and other affiliated publishers can be created under master accounts.

Serve billions of impressions per month in a load-balanced easy-to-scale environment.

If you choose to have your own installation, scalability is a key factor because it corresponds to your capability to meet growing and sudden surges in your traffic. Whether you plan to grow at a steady or rapid rate, with Softure's Ad Server you just add servers as needed and you obtain a linear growth of ad serving capacity. Features like frequency capping, user profiles and surfing patterns do not degrade in performance as it happens in other applications.

Who uses Softure Ad Server?

Softure Ad Server is used since 2001 by customers around the globe with the following business profiles:

  • Media brokerage businesses with many affiliated web sites and small own publishing business;
  • Publishers with many web sites that also run campaigns on other networks;
  • Publishers that operate large websites with numerous sub-sections promoted independently;
  • Networks that have media generated by software applications distributed with freeware applications.